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GLOBAL NEWSLINE – Preamble Mission:

Global Newsline is a news and infotainment online service that serves as a catalyst for social transformation across the globe especially in Jammu and Kashmir State, particularly targeting the problems of social evils, inadequate healthcare and educational systems, corruption in public life and lack of understanding of rights and duties. It’s a non-political, non-religious (not restricted by any religious boundaries) and non-partisan media agency formed solely for the purpose to serve humanity and to contribute towards social/public welfare.


  1. To report and publish the news and current affairs with 100% honesty and positive lines.
  2. To inculcate a sense of community and social cohesion amongst the public by publishing and broadcasting awareness about citizens’ rights and duties.
  3. To raise awareness amongst the youth about the problems of drug addiction, tobacco use, air and water pollution, corruption, misguidance by anti-social elements and other social issues in public life.
  4. To support the public and the administration in taking measures to end addiction, corruption and all other social issues.
  5. To aware the general public about various educational & employment opportunities and support schemes available in government, semi-government and private sectors.
  6. To aware the general public about various healthcare facilities and schemes in government and private sectors.
  7. To appreciate the role of NGOs and other Government, Semi-Government agencies who are actively working on ground with their civic action and social welfare projects/programmes.
  8. To expose and promote the individual talents in sports, art and other walks of life.
  9. To enhance and enrich the youth potentials and women empowerment schemes and projects.

Global News Line: intends to serve the world via print and online media service (Web TV) that would update its subscribers and followers about the current affairs and the happening all across the globe.

Besides, it will enrich the newspapers/ magazines, TV and Radio with a wide range of news and infotainment streams. This web service aims to broadcast and highlight various government and semi-government social developmental schemes and projects and will take good care of the social work being done by different NGOs.

The said media house would also give full coverage to all the civic action and youth counseling and carrier guidance programs by The Jammu and Kashmir Police and other security agencies, highlight activities being performed by The Jammu and Kashmir Bharat Scouts & Guides (JKBSG), Sports activities and purposefully the steps being taken for Women Empowerment by different Government / Semi-Government and Non-Government Organisations.

GLOBAL NEWSLINE media team: Actively gathers information on various government and private opportunities and schemes for public welfare particularly in the areas of education, employment, healthcare and social welfare.

  1. Produce and publish awareness programs for schools, colleges and other public institutions in collaboration with their respective managements about:
    • Drug-addiction, anti-social and anti-national activities, corruption, lack of civic sense, child labour etc. and ways to deal with them,
    • Various education, healthcare and social welfare opportunities with available support mechanisms, and
    • Concepts of rights and duties, community building and social cohesion.
  2. The team of reporters and correspondents working for GLOBAL NEWSLINE shall take active part in all the social welfare programs and will file their reports for wide publicity.
  3. Develop a healthy relationship with all the public institutions as to see a happy, healthy and peaceful environment.
  4. Conduct and organise debates and other quiz competitions over various subjects related to the Science, History, Art & Culture, Sports and Information Technology.
  5. Gathers and disseminates information about various government and private opportunities and schemes for education, employment, healthcare and social welfare of the people.
  6. Counsel people especially youth on personal and professional development.
  7. Organise and conduct talent hunt programs, competitions, sports events, debates, seminars and Vocational Trainings for youth development.

 Funds and Contributions:

Global Newsline is not funded by any Government or Semi-government agency. It has neither any touch with any political background nor it collects any donation.

The source which will make it to run will be our own hard work and efforts. The agency is the sole property of its Founder Director / Editor-in-Chief.

The agency has initiated with the reporters and other staff who’re working on complimentary and on honorarium basis.


The main Headquarter of GLOBAL NEWSLINE is situated in Mir Building, central market, Beehama Ganderbal (Jammu & Kashmir) and it’s National Bureau and corporate office is respectively set up in New Delhi and Gurugram (HR), India.

Managed by:

Founder Director/ Editor-in-Chief

Shah Aijaz

Shah Aijaz Ahmad

Contact Details:

Mobile:               +91-9419008794


Phone/Fax:          0194-2416133

Email:                   editor@globalnewsline.in


Website:                    http://www.globalnewsline.in